Godly Goosebumps

Godly Goosebumps is a podcast hosted by Pastor Dudley Rutherford. Its purpose is to share miracles and stories that only God could orchestrate—sure to give you goosebumps as you listen in awe of what the Lord has, can, and will do! As the lead pastor of Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, CA., Dudley is a passionate communicator of the Good News of Jesus Christ. He loves to encourage others and share how God’s providence, protection, and provision is so clearly woven in each of our lives, drawing us near to the Lord as we seek and serve Him!

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Godly Goosebumps Hosted by Dudley Rutherford

The Host

Dudley Rutherford

Dudley Rutherford

Dudley Rutherford is the lead pastor of the 12,000-member Shepherd Church in Porter Ranch, California. His congregation has been called the most racially diverse church in Los Angeles by the city’s mayor. Dudley’s online teaching ministry is called LiftUpJesus.com, which is viewed in more than 75 countries worldwide each week. He is also the founder of DreamofDestiny.com, a ministry designed to foster ethnic diversity within the Christian Church.

Dudley has authored several books, such as One Thing: Rediscover a Simpler Faith in our Complicated World; Compelled: The Irresistible Call to Share Your Faith; Walls Fall Down; and God Has an App for That. Dudley and his amazing wife, Renee, have three adult children and reside in Porter Ranch, CA.